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America's Only Haunted Drive-In Theater

Carnival of Fear 3D
Carnival of Fear 3D

They’re back! After a few years of being locked away for bad behavior, the clowns have returned….with friends!! As you attempt to make your way through this fun house style carnival, be aware that nothing is what it seems when it comes to an onslaught of Carnies that have been locked up for too long. They promised they’d be good, but can you REALLY believe a group demented clowns with a thirst for carnage?

Twizted Talez Outdoor Trail
Twizted Talez
NEW FOR 2019!

During an outing, a group of hikers stumbled upon a book of tales. Not to be confused with the stories you’ve all heard growing up, this author has put a dark, terrifying twist on our beloved classics. The book has come to life bringing its cast of demented, torturous characters with it. The further you trek, the deeper into each chapter you go. Heed this warning - The woods are alive and there are NO happy endings here! If you manage to get past the “Twizted Talez” in store for you, venture onward to the Haunted Delfino Manor**, the home of the demented author.

** Haunted Delfino Manor is separate from Twizted Talez unless a combo ticket is purchased.

Delfino Manor
Delfino Manor

Years of torment have taken their toll on the author, Sid D’Struction. Growing up was pure hell for this unwanted boy. His only escape was to create something darker than what he was going through. Each room of this house is a personal detail of things he’s seen or endured while growing up with his seriously deranged family. Watch your step or it may be your last as you become another “memory” of his life. That’s if you make it out unscathed.

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