Circle of Screams Haunted Attraction

America's Only Haunted Drive-In Theater

Haunted Hayride
Haunted Hayride

Behind the big screen lies the dark part of the Circle Drive-In. Immerse yourself on this Haunted Hayride where your most feared movie scenes come to life! There’s nowhere to hide from the creatures that will feed on your fear as we take you back into the woods to a place Hollywood has forgotten about.

*Advisory- Portions of the Hayride contain walking this includes uphill and downhill. Wear appropriate footwear.

Cirque de Peur
Cirque De Peur

New for 2017! Who doesn’t love a circus? Deep in the woods, you stumble upon the side show! What started as a single clown turned into a clan of performers! Have your tickets ready! Don’t let the performance distract you from the darkness that ensues around you.  Not all is what it seems at the **NEW** Cirque De Peur.

Delfino Manor
Delfino Manor

New for 2017! Still need a scare after making it out of the Hayride and the Circus? Well step right up to “Delfino Manor and Estate”!

Overlooking the Drive-In theatre, at the edge of the woods, stands an estate that has been vacant for years.  Rumor has it, this family is one of the first to settle in the area. Time took its toll, and the family has since moved on, and thus the property lays vacant. However, the screams generated over the years seem to have brought the house to life, and it’s hungry for more! Make your way through the twisted rooms of the haunted manor, and if you make it out of the house alive, you can’t stop there, the estate awaits you! 

Dark Circle
Dark Circle

A Special Event for 2017! Only on Friday November 3rd and Saturday November 4th!! Limited space available!!!
You’ve never seen this side of the Circle of Screams before! The Circle Goes Dark! No Hayride, no “safety net”, you (in a group) will take a self-guided walking tour of the entire haunt, and our creatures are waiting to slay! Followed by a DARKER Delfino Manor and Estate! Oh, did we mention your only light is a flashlight…

Due to the nature of this event and props/splatter used, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you do not wear clothing of value. It most likely will be cold, therefore please dress appropriately.

Participants are required to sign a waiver of agreement for the event “Dark Circle”

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